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LEWA Board
Strategic Plan
Business Plan

Business Plan


The purpose of the Business Plan is to allow the LEWA to:

bullet Identify its regulatory goals;
bullet Reduce these to measurable targets;
bullet Set out timeframe within which the work must be done;
bullet Determine appropriate resource requirements; and
bullet Establish the Budget and Funding Plan.

The detailed goals and targets have been incorporated into departmental plans and will further be carried forward into individual employee performance contracts. This will enable responsibilities to be allocated to employees to do the work, give a mechanism to measure whether the work done met the performance targets within the agreed timeframe, and provide a process of redressing poor performance. The Business Plan provides a 'picture' to stakeholders of the direction LEWA intends following, and the priorities that it intends focusing on. The Business Plan contains the following parts:

  1. Executive Summary;

  2. Period of Business Plan;

  3. Background to LEWA - An explanation of LEWA's mandate;

  4. Role of the LEWA, including its Vision and Mission - The role of the LEWA as a regulator of the electricity industry in Lesotho, and its Vision and Mission statements;

  5. Structure of the LEWA, including Board Committees and departments;

  6. Undertaking of conduct by LEWA - How the LEWA intends to conduct itself;

  7. Internal and external business environment - The environment within which the LEWA is working;

  8. Planning assumptions - Key assumptions made in the planning process;

  9. Goals and focus areas - What the LEWA is doing;

  10. Budget and Funding Plan.


Some of the core goals that LEWA aims to achieve are as follows:

  1. Capacity Building
    bullet Continual Training and development of staff and Board members
    bullet Participating in international regulatory forums or bodies that LEWA is affiliated to

  2. Core regulatory activities
    bullet Determination of electricity and urban water and sewerage service prices
    bullet Resolution of complaints/disputes
    bullet Ensuring Licensees implement Quality of Supply and Service Standards (QOSSS)
  3. Ancillary regulatory activities
    bullet Strengthening of working relationships with the other competent authorities in the execution of regulation. These authorities include Government Ministries and para-statals and non governmental bodies
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