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Complaints Resolutions

Who Is A Customer?

There are several perspectives from which the word ‘customer’ may be defined. According to the Lesotho Electricity and Water Authority (LEWA) regulatory documents a customer as any person supplied or requiring to be supplied with electricity and urban water and sewerage services at any premises in Lesotho by a licensed entity, but shall not include an authorised electricity and urban water and sewerage services operator in his capacity as such. LEWA therefore recognises the importance of customers as one of the stakeholders in regulatory processes To be able to fully participate in regulation of services, customers must know their rights.

Complaints Resolutions


Customer Complaints Handling Procedure

INTRODUCTION It is the policy of the LEWA that licensed electricity undertakings (such as the Lesotho Electricity Company LEC) must put in place their own internal complaint/ query/ dispute resolution mechanism. This will expedite the resolution of disputes and lessen the inconvenience of customers having to refer to the Authority for remedies. Any person or consumer may seek the LEWA’s intervention if they are not dissatisfied with the handling of their complaint by an electricity undertaking or they consider the outcome inconclusive. It is important to note the LEWA will accept complaints from any person or consumer. To expedite the resolution of complaints, consumers must have reported their complaints first to the service provider and exhausted its complaints procedures.

Resolved Complaints

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