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Quality of Service and Supply Standards

For regulated or licensed entities to provide excellent service to customers, they should operate within confines or parameters of supply and service standards which have been set as the minimum by law. In this regard Lesotho Electricity Company (LEC) –in the electricity sector, and Water and Sewerage Company (WASCO) – in the water and sewerage sector- are expected to carry out their operations within the guidelines (standards) as agreed with the Authority. These guidelines are referred to as the Quality of Supply and Service Standards (QOSSS) and have already been developed for both the electricity sector as well as urban water and sewerage services sector have also been finalised. Standards are issued by the Authority.

With respect to electricity quality of supply standards set the technically acceptable operating limits of both the magnitude and frequency of the supply voltage. In particular, the quality of supply standard sets operating limits for voltage regulation, unbalance, flickers and harmonics as well as for frequency regulation.

The electricity quality of service standards on the other hand address issues such as time frames for provision of customer services requests such as quotations and supply, faults’ handling, electricity account queries and complaints amongst others. The standards detail measures the licensees have to take to ensure that customers get quality service.

The water and sewerage services sub sector quality of service standards in the same way address issues pertaining to minimum service levels on issues such as time for making water and sewer connections, procedure for disconnections, meter readings and others.

The water and sewerage services sub sector quality of supply standards cover technical aspects such as water pressure, water quality and others.

Lesotho Electricity and Water Authority(Electricity Supply) Regulations - 2019
Water and Sewage Facilities Safety Standards - 2013
Urban Water Quality of Service and Supply Standards - 2013
Rural Electricity Quality of Service and Supply Standards - 2008
Urban Electricity Quality of Service and Supply Standards - 2006

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