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Guidelines & Principles


One of the core values of the Lesotho Electricity Authority (LEWA) is transparency and as such the Authority has to ensure that the stakeholders’ interests are safeguarded in that manner. As a step towards this the Authority has published the LEA Electricity Connection Guidelines, Pass-Through Charging Principle for Bulk Supply Tariffs and Regulatory Accounting Guidelines documents for implementation by electricity licencees.

The purpose of the Connection Guidelines amongst others is to set a standard methodology for determining connection charges for transmission and distribution customers as well as defining the technical requirements and arrangements for the connection.

The revised “Pass-Through Charging Principle for Bulk Supply Tariffs” and Procedure for Implementation Mechanism is aimed at ensuring, as much as possible, that LEC neither over-recovers nor under-recovers in respect of bulk supply costs.

Regulatory Accounting Guidelines must be used by licensed entities in preparing and submitting the required accounting financial information regularly in a prescribed manner to LEWA.

Guidelines for implementation of Pass-through Mechanism - 2016
Electricity Connection Charges Guidelines - 2012
Regulatory Accounting Guidelines - 2012


    Section 24 of LEA Act 2002 as amended lays down obligations on service providers in relation to applications for changes to tariffs and rights and obligations of the Authority in relation to the review and approval of those tariff applications. Licensees are also required to comply with the Charging Principles and other regulatory accounting matters that are specified in their licences.

    In implementing its duties, the Board issued Electricity Charging Principles in 2007 and has revised the ‘Charging Principles’ to guide regulated entities in the preparation and submission of tariffs to the Authority. The Charging Principles should be read in conjunction with the Regulatory Accounting Guidelines.

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