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LEWA Board

The LEWA is governed by a board which is assisted by a staff complement of 24. Board Members are responsible for ensuring that the LEWA discharges all its functions and responsibilities under the Act. The Board is responsible for giving policy guidance to the Chief Executive and staff of the LEWA and reviewing actions taken on behalf of the LEWA.

Board Members are required to attend regular meetings and other meetings that may be necessary occasionally. Board members must keep abreast of the LEWA’s present and potential future work. They are not involved in the day-to-day management and functioning of the LEWA, but they must consider and approve the LEWA’s financial, budgetary and staffing aspects. The Board Members appointment is made by the Minister of Natural Resources.

The LEWA Board comprises four Committees: Pricing and Tariffs, Human Resources and Administration, Audit and Risk, and Customer Services Committees.


The Board Members have qualifications in the following areas: Commerce, Law, Accountancy, Economics, Water and Electrical Engineering and any other relevant experience.

LEWA Board of Directors

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