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In accordance with the provisions of the LEA Act 2002, as amended, one of the general functions of the Authority is to regulate prices charged to consumers of electricity and urban and water sewerage services. In line with Section 24 (3) of the Act, licensed entities which are LEC and WASCO must file applications for the adjustment of tariffs, when necessary.

Pursuant to the execution of this mandate LEWA has developed regulatory instruments and documents that are meant to guide the licensed entities on steps of lodging tariff review applications and the information that they must submit in support of such applications.

Thereafter, the Authority informs and invites the general public to make and forward their comments and inputs on the application for consideration before it makes a final determination. Interested people who wish to present their views before the Board, at public hearings are requested to indicate so in writing, when submitting their comments. Deadlines for these processes are publicised.

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