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Strategic Plan

The Authority’s Strategic Plan is a guiding document on how the organisation aims to deliver on its mandate. Briefly, it looks at broad issues which are: improving internal processes; raising and maintaining public awareness, education and branding; increasing advocacy with key stakeholders; facilitating universal access to electricity and water services; ensuring the security of supply of electricity and urban water in the country and human resources management and development. In order to realise the objectives of the Strategic Plan, a set of objectives, activities, measures and targets have been developed.

The 2019-20/2023-24 Strategic Plan has once again defined LEWA’s vision, mission and strategic objectives. The 2019-20/2023-24 Strategic Plan also provides a comprehensive action programme that sought to grasp and understand operational mechanisms that will enable the Authority to effectively deliver on its mandate for the period of five years.

Strategic Plan 2019/20 - 2023/24
Strategic Plan 2014-2019
Strategic Plan 2009-2014

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